Hanging out at the Ely Folk School is fun and rewarding.  It takes a lot of help to put on the classes, spread the word and run the operation.  Take a look below and see if anything interests you, then contact us and let us know you’d like to help!

Some fun ways to volunteer at the Ely Folk School

Office hours host:
Welcome visitors to Ely Folk School, hand out brochures, take registrations and class payment for potential students, sign people up for email newsletter. Do other tasks for Ely Folk School: follow to-do list, or your interest! (WEEKLY)

Class set-up/clean-up:
Weekly (or more) sweep whole floor, and mop with Pinesol. Move tables and chairs as needed. Shake out rugs. Restock toilet paper, paper towels, clean public restroom. (FREQUENTLY)

Class host:
Welcome instructor to Ely Folk School. Orient to restrooms, first aid kit, other supplies and space. Welcome students, accept any payments needed, get class waivers signed, present class introduction, be available to do errands for last minute supplies, hand out evaluations and instructor payment form. Be available to help or call for help for emergencies. (FREQUENTLY)

Home-stay host:
Sometimes our out-of-town instructors would prefer to stay with someone local instead of spending $ on a hotel. If you can offer overnight hospitality for a visiting instructor, let us know! (VARIABLE)

Window decorator:
Showcase instructors’ samples for upcoming classes. Create a featured display. Take outdated displays and posters out of windows. Dust and vacuum bugs. Clean windows regularly with squeegee (MONTHLY)

When groups call and want a 30 minute presentation (with or without PowerPoint), we’d love to have a knowledgable volunteer to do a bit of public speaking on our behalf. (VARIABLE)

Dance committee:
Join the volunteers organizing bands to do contra-dances at EFS, publicize, set up and staff the ticketing and concessions, and enjoy the dance, then clean-up. (BIMONTHLY)

Dump runner/recycler:
Use trash tickets provided (purchased at Ace) to take bags of trash in your vehicle to dump. Empty recycling as frequently as necessary. (BIWEEKLY)

Errand runner:
Purchase needed supplies at Zups, J & L, Ace, Ely Design Works, Voltz, etc. Deliver payments if convenient. Mail packages at post office. Pick up printed materials from Ely Design Works or Ely Echo. (WEEKLY)

Deliver brochures to resorts and businesses. Be knowledgeable about EFS programs in case of questions. (MONTHLY)

Facilities help:
Assorted building fixing tasks working with the board member in charge of the EFS facility. (VARIABLE)

Magazine article writer:
Propose articles to variety of magazines to get  free marketing. Write toward audience of particular publication. (VARIABLE)

Curriculum committee:
Discuss class proposals to approve or adjust. Write class descriptions for posters and website and brochures. Support Coordinator in scheduling and instructor contacts. Host instructor appreciation and feedback events. (MONTHLY)

If your skill is excellent photography, we would love to have you visit classes and take photos for use on our website, social media, and print marketing. (FREQUENTLY)

Contact advertisers in timely fashion to create print and radio ads within budget constraints. Use creativity to get Ely Folk School name and activities known. Post on social media sites. (WEEKLY)

Craft night host:
Turn the hot water on, and pull some tables together and put chairs around. Stay for two hours to craft and chat with whomever comes! (WEEKLY- Thursdays 6-8pm)

Movie night curator:
Choose movies to view, and organize a community member to host the discussion. Another Ely Folk School volunteer can help set up the movie night chairs and projector. (BIWEEKLY DURING WINTER)

Kids activity host:
If you are good with kids’ crafts, we can cover the supplies for seasonal kid-friendly events if you can lead the small people in craft creations (~QUARTERLY)

If you are an instructor who can take your craft “on the road”, people would love to watch the creation in action at Ely Folk School in the the front window “in the fishbowl” concept or at events like Harvest Moon Festival or Ely Winter Festival (VARIABLE)

Parade marchers or decorators:
Decorate floats and walk in 4th of July or November parade (SEMI-ANNUALLY)

Fundraiser team:
Help organize fundraising events for Ely Folk School. So far, we’ve had some success with donation fund drives, Indiegogo, GiveMN, silent auction, a quilt raffle, and donor appreciation parties are nice too! (VARIABLE, currently spring/fall fund drives)

This job may involve writing grant proposals to foundations for projects identified by board members or might be simply researching details for those projects, as identified. (ONE-TIME OR ONGOING)

Merchandising specialist:
inventory EFS shirts, stickers, hats etc and reorder, or propose new designs. (QUARTERLY)

Website Management:
Post classes, events, and information about Ely Folk School online. (FREQUENTLY)

Write checks and record in Quickbooks. Add and check deposits from daily ledgers. Keep convenient change of $100 in cash box, from bank. Move money from PayPal to Bank account. Keep track of income and expenditures on Quickbooks, yearly donation statements, monthly profit and loss statements at board meetings. Must have previous bookkeeping experience. (WEEKLY)

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