“I volunteer because I love connecting with people rooted in the community, as well as those who are visiting the Ely area.”

If the cost of registering for a class is prohibitive, consider volunteering for the Ely Folk School. Select responsibilities earn volunteers tuition credit in exchange for time. Volunteers earn 1 hour of class credit for every 3 hours of volunteering and home-stay hosts earn 8 hours of class credit per host night. You could also serve as a class host. Class hosts are asked to refrain from participating in the actual craft during the class, but hosts have access to class content. 

There are infinite ways to help.

Review our suggested volunteer opportunities, but also consider your personal interests. We’d love to hear from you if you have an idea for how you can help us serve our mission.

If you are interested in volunteering you can start the conversation by filling out the form below!

Ways to Volunteer

Serve as a home-stay host

Join the cleaning dream team

Event planning & hosting

Share your experience – write a review

Assist in the mercantile or volunteer at the front desk

Support the Ely Folk School by representing us at the Ely Farmers Market

Join the Ely Folk School Board of Directors

Ely Folk School board members are volunteers who give about 10 hours of their time each month to honor their fiduciary and policy responsibilities to our organization. Board members attend a monthly team meeting and a monthly board meeting to develop a strong understanding of the Ely Folk School mission, and thus advise our organization on how to best serve that mission.