Written by Alexia Springer

Some of you may remember a few years back when the Ely Folk School had a mercantile. Unfortunately, I do not but I am pleased to announce that the mercantile is being revived and items are starting to become available for purchase. Slow and steady wins the race due to limited staffing capacity. Instructor items currently for sale include beautiful hand embroidered bags by Candace Bishop, needle felting kits and felted items by Laura Berlage, and poetry books by DyAnne Korda. More items will be available soon. Shirts and hats will continue to be restocked. Don’t forget about the kids shirts!

In addition to instructor made items, the mercantile will also feature things to help folks craft. Focus will be on tools and materials that are helpful for current and future classes. Everything from dough hooks to markers and in between. Some books and tools for makers morning, kids makers morning, carving club, and BBCP will be available. We hope to have a space that supports folks taking classes and people who walk by and are interested in purchasing something locally made to take home. It is also a place where you can get to know instructors better. It has been inspiring to see the items instructors have made to sell. Ely Folk School instructors are first skilled makers before becoming instructors. Their creations are artistic and of high quality, and the mercantile showcases that.

A conversation overheard during Kids Makers Morning when the felted dragon journal was spotted.
“Wow, cool! How much is that? I want to buy it.”
“Wow, that is really cool.”
“Hey, please don’t save up the money to buy this before me, I really want it!”
“We’ll see!”

If you are an instructor and have items you would like to sell at the mercantile, please contact Alexia@elyfolkschool.org.

Consignment Requirements

  1. You must be a current instructor at the Ely Folk School, i.e. teach a class within the last 13 months or have plans to teach within the next 6 months.
  2. You must provide a photo and bio to accompany consignment items. EFS will be in charge of printing labels.
  3. Items for sale must be related to a class within a year. 
  4. Items will be removed/replaced at the end of every summer/winter season.

Instructors will be paid a consignment rate of: 65% of profit to instructors. Payouts will be made to instructors at the end of every month.