Let us know about your comfort level and background in teaching. We love featuring experienced educators, but are also available to help you prepare if teaching is new to you. We want to meet you where you are and support your growth.
Please write a paragraph or two about yourself. This is what students will see, so share your background, why you teach, and your connection to your craft. Don’t be shy – show off a little here!
Write this to draw people to your class. Include an “appeal” sentence. What’s interesting or special about your craft? Include info about the history or uniqueness of this craft. Include two to four sentences outlining elements of this class, and what skills or products students will walk away with.
Is your class for anyone? Geared toward beginners? Do you require a certain amount of experience?
Things you want/need from the Ely Folk School for your class.
EFS’ general policy is that instructors bring or send necessary materials. Students will pay for materials along with the tuition fee. Please detail specifically what required materials you will provide to students who take your class.
How much, per student, will you spend on materials? This cost is forwarded to the students, who will each be charged a material fee. Material fees are reimbursed to you following the class. Please include an estimate of the shipping cost, if applicable. When we follow up, we will confirm or help determine a materials fee that is fair to both you and the students.
Items students should bring or prep, such as special clothing, boots, bag lunch, tools. If none, enter NA.
The Ely Folk School generally hosts classes Wednesdays through Saturdays; though exceptions can be made. Please include your preferred date and time. If your class runs for more than one session, please also include your preferred day(s) of the week. We will do our best to accommodate your first choice.
If not held at EFS or via Zoom, please include the full title and address of the location you wish to host the class.
Since you are paid a percentage of each student’s tuition, you get to set the minimum number of students you are willing to teach.
Will you accept walk-ins, should students register at least 10 days ahead of time, or by the day before? Things to consider include if you need lead time to gather and/or mail materials.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
We prefer to use instructor photos in our advertising! If you do not have a photo now, you can email photos later to info@elyfolkschool.org.
Compensation: EFS agrees to compensate the Instructor at the rate of 50% of total tuition. Class tuition starts at $12 per student per class hour. Instructors are responsible for providing necessary materials for their class and for determining a per-student materials fee to cover that expense. EFS will add the materials fee to each student’s registration fee and will compensate the Instructor accordingly. Upon completion of the class, Instructor will sign an invoice to be submitted. Payment will normally be made within two to three weeks of submission. Instructor will also receive credit for 50% of the class hours which can be applied to tuition costs for other EFS classes.