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Are you thinking about teaching a class?

Read this first

“The love that an educator exercises must contain genuine respect toward others, and a healthy humility about oneself. Not easy to achieve. It requires lifelong study, practice, and alertness. It requires lifelong learning that is lifted by the heart.” Kay Parke

Our instructors are motivated, passionate, and eager creators. We actively look for folks who are enthusiastic about making and sharing. EFS is grateful for our strong community of instructors who offer welcoming and engaging classes. The Ely Folk School hosts instructors of all walks of life; from folks who were born and raised in Ely; folks who live here fulltime or parttime; and folks who wish they were living in Ely. We offer both on-site, field trip, and virtual classes, so options for new classes are broad. 

 Our students are inquisitive and eager. The student population is diverse, but there is a common thread: our students are connected to and inspired by Ely – its wilderness, its community, and its neighborly, hardworking, do-it-yourself atmosphere. Students are looking for dedicated instructors, and a space to learn, create, and share. 

The instructors are part of what makes the Ely Folk School special.

Our instructors are motivated, passionate, and eager creators. We actively look for folks who are enthusiastic about making and sharing.

Become an Instructor

The Ely Folk School is always looking for skilled craftswomen & men to teach a class. If you have a skill you would like to share, please fill out our Instructor Class Proposal Form and our program coordinators will follow up with you. The Class Proposal Form is intended to lay the groundwork for your proposed class. Once you are contacted by EFS, you will hear more about our policies and how EFS can support you as an instructor and artist. We look forward to partnering with you!

What we’re looking for in an instructor

We are looking for folks who are passionate about a craft and who are eager to share the wisdom of that craft with others. Experienced educators make excellent instructors, but our staff is also available to help people for whom teaching would be a new and exciting challenge. Ultimately we are seeking instructors with an ability to scale instruction to multiple skill levels, even within the bounds of a single class.

Why teaching with the Ely Folk School is an enriching experience:

+ You have the support of EFS staff and volunteers

+ You get to connect with a strong community of artists and makers

+ We provide classroom space, facilities, and some supplies

+ We advertise your class to our community and outreach circles

+ We can help recommend materials kits and fees based on our “typical student”

+ You can receive tuition credit toward other EFS classes