The Ely Folk School is excited to utilize a sliding scale pricing structure! We recognize that not all our class prices are accessible for our whole community, and this system allows folks to choose how much they pay for a class. Using a sliding scale helps us work toward our belief in economic justice and accessibility of folk education. 

The Sliding Scale payment system is not a donation. Rather, it’s a “pay it forward” system that allows individuals to elect to pay an elevated tuition price so that others with less economic means can pay a reduced tuition amount.

Potential students will be able to evaluate their financial capacity and choose one of three payment levels: 

  1. Supporting ticket: are those who live day to day with relatively low financial worry. This level will support the longevity of the program and help cover the cost of tickets for those unable to pay the full price. 
  2. Standard ticket: is for folks who are able to pay the fee asked if the class did not include the sliding scale structure.
  3. Supported ticket:  is available for folks who struggle to meet basic needs but still want to attend class. 

However you choose to navigate the sliding scale, be assured that all students’ records are kept confidential. 

Still wondering how much you should pay? 

Consider paying more on the scale if you: 

Consider paying the standard ticket price if you:

Consider paying less on the scale if you: