October…this transitional month between warm fall colors and stark moving landscapes of winter.  Here at the folk school, our staff have been really doing some wonderful things.  We are excited about some new classes and products!

On Saturday, October 7, Alexia taught Basswood Basket.  Baskets are woven from the fibers of the bark, which can be dyed in various colors.  Alexia has been working on many different styles of baskets (and hats!) and is excited to share this experience!

Another exciting and practical new class is Traditional Smoke Tanned Leather Making, taught by Mark Olson on Saturday, October 21.  This will take you through the entire process of skinning a deer to stretching, softening, and smoking the hide.  

Brett has been showcasing some really fun new products in our mercantile.  There is a great selection of the felted wool sauna hats made by Shelly Taija.  There are so many cute designs, and frankly, you could wear these hats as outdoor wear or just for fun!  Please stop in and see them!

We also have some gorgeous chip carvings by Bart Dunning.  These are finely done and would be a treasured addition to any home.

Stop in any time to chat with Lucy, Alexia, and Brett about classes, events, merchandise, or activities!  We appreciate our community and all of its support!

Sarah Paro, Board Member