Nora Rickey – Assistant Program Coordinator

Nora is a self-taught fiber artist and educator who recently moved to Ely to have a closer access to nature’s inspiration. Born and raised in the Twin Cities to a family of artists, Nora grew up with a deep appreciation of different crafts. She studied acting in NYC and came into her visual art practice when she moved back to Minnesota and began teaching herself embroidery in order to connect with her late mom, a costume designer and painter. One skill led to the next, and Nora continued to develop her passion for fiber arts and incorporating skills into her visual artwork. Whether a hidden secret or on full display, Nora loves to create pieces that transform the wearer into art.

In addition to working at the Ely Folk School, Nora works virtually as a fiber arts instructor at Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts in the Twin Cities, and teaches various fiber arts skills at different organizations in Minnesota and across the country. Her wearable art pieces have been shown across the country and in different publications. 

When Nora is not creating or teaching, she likes to cook and eat good food; go to the movies with her partner, Jacob; go on hikes with her dog, Lulu; and soak up good weather in the Northwoods.

Nora loves that craft has the ability to connect across generations and create beautiful and useful objects.

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