We knead your support – Help us raise some dough!

As I gaze upon this painting, now hanging in the Ely Folk School – a Cecilia Rolando original, inspired by memories of her mother making potica – I can feel the smooth tension in the dough being stretched. I can smell the ground-walnut and honey filling melding in its bowl as the dough is carefully tended by knowing hands.

People who have taken Ely Folk School classes, including our hands-on potica demonstrations, leave with a mind to overcome a challenge – ready to don an apron and a scarf, roll up their sleeves, and make grandma’s recipe.

Such is the beauty of Ely Folk School classes. Approachable and friendly instructors pass on knowledge, keeping traditions alive and constructing opportunities for students to learn their craft of choice in a welcoming, encouraging, empowering space – building resilience, growing confidence.

The Ely Folk School is a nonprofit organization powered by the generosity of people like you, who know the value of a gathering space where Ely area residents and visitors alike forge new connections, build community, and develop as individuals through experiential learning that honors the crafts and cultures of our region.

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We are on a growth trajectory, and we want to keep going. This year we will debut our Anishinaabe lake names map project, and this summer we are facilitating a new, weekly Kids Maker’s Mornings program. New classes include Creating a Dialogue with Nature, Anishinaabemowin Basics, Carving Green Wood for Beginners, Rattle Making, and Making Musical Clay.

We have received the offer of a $10,000 donation if we are able to secure matching funds by July 15. Any amount makes a difference, and every single contribution advances the mission of the Ely Folk School.

There are multiple ways to give. You can stop by our place atop the hill on Sheridan Street with your donation (and to scope out the progress on our revamped mercantile!), send your donation via mail to the Ely Folk School at 209 E Sheridan Street, Ely, MN 55731, or visit ElyFolkSchool.org/give to make a donation. While you’re on the site, poke around and check out our upcoming classes and events. You’ll see exciting opportunities in our forge, our ceramics studio, and culinary arts, fiber arts, stained glass, and outdoor skills and knowledge programs.

When making the donation, consider leaving a message in the comment box telling us what the Ely Folk School means to you. We would love to hear from you!

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Lacey Squier, Ely Folk School Board Member, 209 E Sheridan Street, Ely, MN 55731 ElyFolkSchool.org/give

Ely Folk School is a 501c(3) non-profit funded in part by grants from the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board, Arrowhead Regional Arts Council (thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund), the Donald G. Gardner Humanities Trust, the Minnesota State Arts Board, Operation Round Up through Lake Country Power, and local merchants, organizations, and individuals.