Snow Sculpting at the Ely Folk School

A filmmaker who came to Ely from Florida for the 2nd Annual Ely Film Festival remarked that nearly everyone he has met has apologized to him for the “unseasonable heat” The most popular small talk conversation starter is the tragedy of this year’s Snow Sculpting Symposium in Whiteside Park. “At least the sidewalks are clear […]

We’re Growing – Apply now to join our team!

The Ely Folk School is growing! We’re hiring a full-time Program Director. The ideal candidate will be someone who is inspired by the Ely Folk School mission, is curious, and understands the importance of lifelong learning.  Ely Folk School Program Director Job Description Job Summary  The Ely Folk School Program Director works in collaboration with […]

Get Involved with the Ely Winter Festival

Written by Lucy Soderstrom, Program Director The Ely Winter Festival is right around the corner! The ten biggest days of winter in Ely may have a bit less snow than last year, but there are infinite things to do both outside and inside! Sew a beaver hat, learn the basics of blacksmithing, bead a snowflake, […]

The Naughty List: Coal, Creation, and the Coniferous

Ely is a busy place – people are always thinking, learning, scheming about something. This doesn’t necessarily slow down during the holiday season. There’s a lot of collaboration, idea sharing, and inspiration in the air. One such example is the Call of Wild Poetry Evenings hosted by the Northern Lakes Arts Association are held at […]

Cranberry Picking

Written by Lucy Soderstrom It seems to have been a personal, informal mission of sorts in the last couple years to become more intimately acquainted with the abundant wild edibles the Northwoods has to offer us. It makes sense, in some ways. I have always sought understanding and connection with land in order to feel […]

Kids Makers Morning 2023

Written by Alexia Springer, Program Coordinator Program Mission: To forge community and connection to place through craft and to offer opportunities to foster creative spirit through exploring new hands-on skills, materials, and hobbies. Program Goals The second year of Kids Makers Morning (KMM) wrapped up a few weeks ago and the Ely Folk School is […]

Eco-Friendly Arts Practices

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of your arts practice? Often, not many of us do. In this video, instructors Nancy O’Brien and Joan Schopp Hunn discuss accessible ways to think about sustainability in painting and offer both free and paid options to upgrade your acrylics practice. Topics discussed include how to choose […]

The Piano of Josephine Shepel Luthanen is teaching Ely’s Youth Once Again

If you were out and about Ely on Thursday, April 27, you may have seen a piano making its way across Harvey Street. What’s the story on this piano you ask? It’s a significant piece of Ely’s musical heritage and continues to inspire musicians and vocalists to this day. Why is this piano important? Where did […]

2022-23 Community Dances

Between September 2022 and March 2023, we hosted four Community Dances at the Ely Senior Center, bringing Ely together in dance and reminding ourselves that fine arts don’t have to be intimidating. We had so much fun dancing with you all that we want to commemorate it here.  The Dances:  What does an Ely Folk […]

Join our team!

The Ely Folk School is hiring Do you feel strongly about handcraft? Do you want to learnskills that enhance your life and well-being? Do you want toconnect with Ely’s community about folk schooling? Join our team! Ely Folk School Mercantile Manager Job Description Job Summary: The Ely Folk School Mercantile Manager works in the Ely […]