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Erik Simula bending wood to make a birch bark canoe from scratch in Ojibway fashion.

BBCP Agenda Aug 8-9 and 12-13

Primary projects this week: Finish mid-hull, side- bark horizontal lacing on Tuesday BEND 21-FOOT, MAIN HULL BARK ON WEDNESDAY Secondary projects: Complete inwale-thwart assembly and place in bark hull on sheer posts Carve cedar outwales and ash gunwale pegs Prepare spruce root (watap) for gunwale lacing Layout and cut birch bark scallops for gunwale reinforcing Make cedar wood-watap gunwale clamps Remember […]

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BBCP Agenda August 1 & 2

You are welcome to join us Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 5 and 9 pm at the Ely Folk School to help build our new birch bark canoe or to just watch and visit. Evenings are enjoyable and productive. Last week we began lacing side bark to the 20-foot-long canoe hull bottom bark using split spruce roots, on a […]

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Canoe Country Traditions

  The second weekend in August brings Canoe Country Traditions, a three-day celebration of classes featuring the importance of canoes in our region’s history as well as traditional crafts such as caning, carving and cooking. Canoes have been a primary form of transport throughout the region’s history. You can even participate in helping to build […]

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BBCPAgenda (July 25-26

Blueberry Season Greetings! You are always welcome to join us Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 5 and 9 pm at the Ely Folk School to help build our new birch bark canoe or to watch the process and visit. Last week we trimmed and laced together two very uniform and long birch bark sheets with split black spruce roots to form a […]

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BBCP July 11th & 12th

Week fourteen (July 11th & 12th) projects: Complete the gunwale-thwart assembly Finish the bark template Tarp and stake the outdoor canoe building bed wigwam frame Set up the 20-foot outdoor building table Lay out and prepare hull bark Continue processing spruce root lacing, and cedar canoe parts

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Week 12 Agenda – June 27 & 28, 2017

Schedule of Activities and Classes In the evenings we’ll concentrate on the gunwale-thwart assembly, building frame assembly, and steam-bending stems. We have (more) fresh spruce roots to process, we’ll split and carve cedar canoe parts, and continue our study of the Ojibwe long-nose birch bark canoe. Here is this week’s Agenda for the Birch Bark […]

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BBCP Week 11 (June 19 – 24)

This week we concentrate on cedar woodworking to produce canoe gunwales, planks, and ribs. Emphasis is on carefully splitting and carving, using traditional hand tools–froe, drawknife, shaving horse, and crooked knife–to develop and refine skills. We continue to process spruce root, and study the construction of the Ojibwe long-nose birch bark canoe. Here is this week’s […]

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Kemo Ahmicasaube Smith

Week 10 Agenda: 6/13-14/17

This week we welcome guest speaker Kemo Ahmicasaube Smith, an Odawa Anishinaabe Elder who will talk both Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 pm, on Native culture and birch bark canoe preservation efforts. We will also study and restore a 17′ Ojibwe long-nose birch bark canoe for exhibition in the Ely Folk School; a collaboration with the […]

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Birch Bark Canoe Project 2017

Due to the great success and excitement of last year’s Birch Bark Canoe Project, Ely Folk School is proud to announce the 2017 project schedule. Anyone who is interested can participate in the Tuesday and Wednesday evening gatherings April 11 through August 23 from 5-9 p.m. Your first visit is free, and then a $10 […]

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