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November Newsletter

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October Newsletter

October…this transitional month between warm fall colors and stark moving landscapes of winter.  Here at the folk school, our staff have been really doing some wonderful things.  We are excited about some new classes and products!

  • September Newsletter

    Welcome Fall! I’ve learned that it’s important for me to savor each shift in weather as it happens, rather than looking forward to and/or worrying about the snow and ice that lies ahead of us. What can you do today to appreciate today’s weather without thinking about the seasonal extremes that lie ahead of and…

  • August Newsletter

    Photo by Chris Ellerbroek Summer Traditions Rusty crayfish are a well-known menace in our Northern Minnesota lakes. But did you know that crayfish are so valued and tasty in Sweden, that the country has a designated hunting season for the crustaceans? Enter the Kraftskiva. To celebrate the beloved crayfish season, a crayfish party emerged across…

  • July Newsletter

    *View this email in your browser Happy July! We had a busy past month of making baskets, chairs, dresses, root beer, music, tent stakes, wooden spoons, jewelry, rock pigments, and more. We learned about making our arts practices more eco-friendly; we hosted Ely City Council Members for a discussion regarding housing in Ely; we gathered…