(Updated 12/10/21)

The Ely area is seeing its highest number of Covid cases since the pandemic began. Due to this, and due to our concern about the health of our staff, instructors, and volunteers as well as all in-person students, the board is enacting a policy of mandatory mask use immediately and a requirement that students in indoor, in-person classes be vaccinated, including booster if eligible, starting December 17th. We will revisit this policy monthly following the advice of our professional medical advisors. We regret that this means some of our students may need to postpone participation in the classes they want to take, but we hope to offer enough virtual and outdoor classes that everyone can find something appealing this winter. And we look forward to welcoming all our students into a safe classroom space soon. 

We assume that all adult Ely Folk School registrants will arrive to class fully vaccinated, including booster if eligible.  If this is not your intention, please contact us.