Forager’s Weekend 2017

Sept 1, 2017

This weekend will feature field trips and be centered offsite at either South Kawishiwi Pavilion or Fenske Pavilion. Participants will be encouraged to camp.

Course offerings ideas:

  • Ricing, Rice processing
  • Ojibway-style berry basket
  • Forager pouch for mushrooms – webbed or mesh
  • Mushroom foraging class or Chaga collection and processing field trip
  • Cattail root and other foraging foods
  • Natural herbal collection and processing
  • Pemmican Paddle
  • Birch Bark canoe
  • Processing meat
  • Vegetable garden tour
  • Evening entertainment ideas:
    • Drumming circle
    • Ojibway kids games
  • Potential Partners/Contacts:
    Bois Forte
    1854 Treaty Authority,
    Fond du Lac,
    La Croix elders

Do any of these ideas for classes sound interesting to you?  Do you have other ideas for classes?  Please let us know!