Themed Weekends

Stay tuned as we finalize plans for our upcoming “themed” weekends!

  • Finnish Midsummer Weekend  June 23-25, 2017
    In celebration of Finland’s 100 year anniversary of their independence, come learn about all things Finnish.  Food, music, crafts, folklore, even sauna!
  • Canoe Country Traditions, August 11- 13
    Highlighting Birch Bark Canoe Project
  • Foragers Camp Weekend Sept 1, 2017
    Mostly off-site classes will include ricing and rice processing, foraging mushrooms and other foods, herbs, foraging baskets and pouches, customs and wisdom of the local indigenous tribes.
  • Hunters Widow Weekend November 4, 2017
    Here’s a chance to gather with your sisters and learn some new skills like canning and other food preserving, quilting, knitting, deer antler baskets, deer hide moccasins.
  • Norwegian Winter Weekend January, 2018
    Norwegians know how to keep warm, so learn how to make leggings, caps, mittens and boot liners, learn how to make traditional Norwegian foods and other ethnic skills.