Welcome to the Ely Folk School!

Some happy basketeers! (Click to enlarge photo.)

Ely, Minnesota, is an amazing and unique place with a melting pot of nationalities and cultures, rich in heritage. Our hope is that the skills, lifestyles and resultant handiwork of the past generations and indigenous peoples do not get lost in the hurry to be “modern.”  We believe that today’s world can benefit from bygone knowledge.

You can be a part of carrying on these traditions. Come take a class and join us in events that celebrate the wilderness heritage, art, history, culture, and craft of the people of northern Minnesota and especially our home, Ely, Minnesota.  Do you have a skill or knowledge you’d like to share? Apply to be an Instructor.

Some of our upcoming events and classes are listed below or you can click to the Event Calendar to see what’s happening by date.

We’re renovating – getting a new KITCHEN! Read all about it here.

Upcoming Classes & Events

Listed below are the next 12 classes. To view our complete class roster, visit the Event Calendar.

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