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MAY 2017
5/20		Nature Writing: Spring in the North
5/20		Beginning Pine Needle Basketry
5/20		Intro to Herbalism
5/26		Apple Strudel
5/27		Walnut Potica
5/27		Intro to Writing Haiku Poetry
5/27-28		Create Your Own Hardbound Book
5/28		Learn to Make Your Own Pasties
5/28   		Spring Edibles
5/30		BBCP* Spruce Root Field Harvest
5/31		BBCP Spruce Root Field Harvest

JUNE 2017
6/1		Intro to Log Building
6/3		Build an Aldo Leopold Bench
6/5		Northwoods Gardening
6/6-15		Intro to Drawing (4 classes)
6/8		Intro to Inkle Loom Weaving
6/10		Caned Foot Stool
6/10		Basic Canoeing
6/10		Kids in the BWCA
6/10		Canoe Rescue
6/10		Secrets of Canoe Racing
6/10		Night and Day: June Planets and the Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse
6/11		Packing and Portaging Your Canoe
6/11		BWCA Emergencies - Prevention and Management
6/11		Whitewater Canoeing Skills
6/16		Learn to Knit a Norwegian Style Sweater (3 days)
6/17		Make Electricity from the Sun
6/17		Lichens, Mosses, Ferns: Unsung Heroes of the North Woods
6/17		Intro to Herbalism
6/23		Wet Felted Basket
6/23		Finnish Concert with Diane Jarvi
6/24		Saami Friendship Bracelet - Beginners
6/24		Summer Solstice Kantele Workshop
6/24-25		Photographing Orchids with Ken Hupila (watch a video here)
6/25		Saami Friendship Bracelet - Intermediate
6/27		BBCP Birch Bark Field Harvest
6/28		Intro to Stained Glass
6/29		Apple Strudel
6/29		Sustainable Living - Open Forum
6/29		Make a Simple Beaded Necklace & Earring Set
6/30		Learn to Make Your Own Pasties

JULY 2017
7/1		Walnut Potica
7/3		Northwoods Gardening
7/6		Fairy Funshop
7/7-8		Stained Glass Easy Mosaic 
7/7		Walnut Potica
7/7	 	Intro to Inkle Loom Weaving
7/9	I	Intro to Stained Glass
7/11		Wild Colors-Natural Dyeing with Local Plants
7/12		Apple Strudel
7/13		Fairy Funshop
7/15		Learn to Make Your Own Pasties
7/15		Intro to Weaving: Cardboard Loom
7/19		Intro to Herbalism
7/19-20		Create Your Own Hardbound Book
7/20		Fairy Funshop
7/22		Making Unique Greeting Cards
7/27		Fairy Funshop
7/28		Blueberry Jam: a wonderful way to get your antioxidants!
7/29		Blueberry Strudel
7/29		Craft a Cobweb Broom

8/3		Fairy Funshop
8/5		Intro to Herbalism
8/7		Northwoods Gardening
8/10		Fairy Funshop
8/10		Sustainable Living - Open Forum
8/11		Flint Knapping
8/17		Fairy Funshop
8/17		Create Your Own Coloring Book Page
8/19-20		Create Your Own Hardbound Book
8/19		Intro: Inkle Loom Weaving
8/24		Fairy Funshop
8/24		Felt for the Home: Silk and Felt Table Runners
8/26		Wild Colors-Natural Dyeing with Local Plants
8/30		Canning Tomatoes: Discover how easy and tasty!
8/31		Fairy Funshop

9/2		Fur Trapping, Hands-on
		Antler Basket Tray
		Woven Cattail Cup Coasters
		Splint Reed Foot Stool
		Used Belt Foot Stool
9/4		Making Slovenian Canned Peppers
9/11		Northwoods Gardening
9/11		Walnut Potica
9/15-16		Designing Norwegian Style Mittens
9/30		Capturing Fall Colors
9/30		Crab Apple Jelly: Harvest, Preparation and Canning
9/30-10/1	Beginning Millinery & Haberdashery: The Blocked Felt Hat